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Osborne (age 46) - Nyanza, Kenya

Dave (age 79) - California, United States

Christopher (Son in-law) - Louisiana, USA

Hazem - Quebec, Canada

Raj (age 66) - Singapore

Umar (age 71) - Bangkok, Thailand

I has a prostate surgery. I started taking it 4 months ago and I feel much better now. Now I am ordering 6 more boxes for the further treatment. I will send a testimonial again after the full treatment. The product is Ayurstate. With the first 4 that I took I felt much better.

Luis Fernando Salazar Madera, Colombia

I've been taking the supplement Ayurstate for 1 year 1/2. My prostate has improved a lot.Since the first moment I improved my condition. So I recommend everyone who has prostate problems to take this supplement because you will not find anything better than Ayurstate.

Miguel - Zaragoza, Spain

Hello my name is Sergio. I have been using Ayurstate for the Prostate and it has helped me. I have quite a few symptoms. I have pain in the Perineal area, I have bad flow in the urine, I have problems with my erection. I have dysparenia which is pain when you have relations. have diminished libido. I have many other symptoms related to reactive arthritis. And after taking the Ayurstate for 9 to 15 months in conjunction with Ayurtox, I have recovery from all the symptoms that I have stated here. Right now in my ... probably 15 months of taking Ayurstate, I am almost symptom free. The only few remaining symptoms will be like a very minor sensation of heat or discomfort in the Perineal area after frequent relations, sexual relations. The rest [of the symptoms] have been completely [eliminated]. I want to thank you. This is my testimony. Thank you.

Sergio (age 33) - Columbia

This is Augustine, I have been taking Ayurstate for my prostate, for over a year now. Prior to taking Ayurstate, I was having very bad pain and swelling on the prostate, because of that, I develop a bladder infection that require using antibiotics for a long time.

I was getting up to use the rest room at least three times a night, and every hour at work. Obviously I wasn't sleeping well due to getting up often at night, and I was tired at work often.

It felt like my bladder was full most of the time and I couldn't properly empty it. I have trouble bending down at work, or for household tasks. The urologist put me on different medications, and it did little to help reduce the swelling and pain.

I ordered Ayurstate as a last stitch effort to relieve my suffering. After taking it for only two days, a lot of the pain and swelling were gone. I started to feel an incredible relieve and comfort, every month I got better and better. I began sleeping better and I felt more rested during the day. And job performance improved as well.

I stopped taking it for a few months, and some symptoms return but not to the level as before.

I plan on taking Ayurstate for a very long time because it keeps my prostate healthy and therefore protects other aspects of my quality of life. I highly recommend Ayurstate to anyone who suffers from prostate problems, because Ayurstate really works. Thank you.

Augustine (age 52) - Illinois, USA

My name is Jose from Houston, Texas. I had a lot of problem with my Prostate. I was on 3 different medicines. I was on LevaQuin, Tetracycline, Cipro. I was taking that for a year and none of that took away my problems. I was looking through the internet and thankfully i found your site in the internet and your medicine has done wonderful things for me. Within the 1st 2 weeks that I started taking the medicine, I noticed that a lot of my problems were gone. Some of the problems that I had before was when i used to urinate; the burning sensation. I had a lot of pain on my testicles, and I used to get up at night like 3 times or 4 times in the night time to urinate because I could not hold it. I had a lot of pain in my bladder area. And none of the medicines where the doctors prescribe me were working for me. But thankfully with the medicine that i ordered from you guys, i haven't had to take any of the medicine and i feel like I'm a normal person again. Thank you guys for all your help. And if you would like to contact me with any more questions, please feel free to call me. Thank you.

Jose (age 36) - Texas, USA

My name is Cuty. My testimonial is I am 58 years old and I'm diagnosed with BPH and Prostate Cancer in 2005. I have only just taken Ayurstate now for 2 months and my original problems were waking up 5 or 6 times per night which has now improved down to an average of 2 or 3 times - sometimes just once. I have been told that I have a very large prostate. And I have also had improved energy levels and some improvement in sexual performance which I hope will get better with more Ayurstate. Thank you very much! Bye bye.

Cuty (age 58) - United Kingdom

My name is Bryant. About nine years ago, I had an incident and I thought I had injured myself in the pelvis floor area. So after several days, I decided I go to the doctor and I went to the doctor, and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me, and he sent me to urologist. The urologist couldn't find anything wrong with me, and he gave me some prescriptions of anti-biotics, thinking that I might just have an urinary tract infection.

Well, I, eventually, got worst. And I went to another urologist, and he couldn't find anything wrong with me. So I ended up going to another urologist. I stayed on anti-biotic for a week in a time in "LevaQuin". And they diagnosed me with Acute Chronic Prostatitis, these last, for several years, I was in a miserable pain.

Throughout the whole several years I was... I mean just pain in my private area, urethra, I just had tremendous pain all the time. And I knew that there was no way I can live like this, I was hurting at all the time. So I started to look on the internet on what would help Chronic Prostatitis that I came across the website, this Ayurstate. You know, I took a palm of others like vitamins and stuffs, and anyway I'll just try this, I read..you know some of the testimonies and stuffs. So anyway, I tried this Ayurstate, and within two months, all of my symptoms have gone. I told my wife, I'd probably stay on this for the rest of my life, because my symptoms after several years of having scrutinizing pain. I have been on anti-biotic off and on for several years, and those off and on times were linked to off and on times. Then I decided to do this, and now I am pretty much completely better. Knock on wood, I am always scared to talk about this but I am pretty much better now.

All my symptoms are gone, I don't have any pain in my lower private area anymore. Anyway, I want to say thanks to Ayurstate, and that's it, thank you, bye.

Bryant (age 44) - Florida, USA

Yes, my name is Wilbert. I am calling with a testimony of how Ayurstate has really, really helped me. For about I'd say 7 months, I could not urinate fully, constantly getting up at night, using the bathroom. Just never really quite relieving myself.

Until I went to the hospital, what happened was, they went in and did a prostate or PSA, or the type of urinary type of things on me. Urologist, he tried to give me of a Flonase to increase my flow, which is temporary OK, but there was a male nurse who told me about this Indian product. India Herbs, Ayurstate.

I didn't want to be something that synthetically or pharmaceutical. And he said try this, and I tell you in less than 30 days, my urine, the flow start to increase dramatically. It has helped me in many ways of my urination and my sexual needs too.

This is incredible product, I don't know what to tell you about it. I have been using it now, well, over a year. And I must get testimony to tell you guys that this product is incredible. It has improved my prostate, my PSA now is down to 1.2. It's just an incredible product that has helped me tremendously. I have referred your product to many men and just telling them about the results of this product is just incredible.

And I feel that in the time I used it, in less than 30 days, it just turned everything around. I am a 54 year old man and I must say that in the times we're living right now, it's good to know that there is a product that would actually work. It does what it promised. So this is my testimony, I hope everyone will try to figure out what's best for them, but this product, I can tell you actually work, and thank you...thank you very much.

Wilbert (age 54) - Michigan, USA

My name is Keith, I would just like to give a testimonial about the product that I believe it's pronounced Ayurstate. The product that has been promoted by your company to help relieve the symptoms of prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland.

I was diagnosed with this in June of 09, found out about the product online, I started ordering it through Amazon.com. The first two weeks, I noticed the change, so I've actually been using this product for about almost six months now. I would started out at two capsules a day, like I said it took about two weeks before I noticed any difference. I'm now taking about one capsule a day, but I noticed if I am off of it for more than few days, the symptoms start to come back, but not as nearly quickly or nearly bad as before.

I haven't experienced any negative side-effects. It's always positive. Less pain in my the urethra area and in other areas of the body that are in that area. It's been a great product and I would highly recommended to anybody that has enlarged prostate. I will definitely recommended to family and friends, and I already have referred it to couple of people who has a prostate issues.

That's my testimonial and I will continue to use this product as long as I'm having any kind of symptoms with the prostate. I am 54 years old and I am blessed in..thank god..for your company and your product. Thank you.

Keith (age 54) - Ohio, USA

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Yes, this is Monty and I am calling with reference to the using the product of the Ayurstate - Prostate Rejuvenation Blend. I have been experimenting with it on and off for the past year.

I started off having troubles, prostate problems. I am 54 years old and it's probably from the last 10 years and it's gradually gotten a little bit worse. I have been to the doctor and experimenting with taking different types of prescription drugs and not having any real success with it.

And, so I decided to give this product a try, I can say I have been trying on and off now for about a year. And I have seen some pretty good improvements as far as urine flows, trips at night have been reduced. The overall inflammation seems to be reduced.

I actually stopped using the product for about a month, just to see if it was the product or if I was just getting better or what the cause or whatever might be happening, and it turns out that I have to get back on the product to see the results that I wanted to see.

And, I continue to get gradually better and I highly recommend the product. I am happy with this decision, so thank you.

Monty (age 54) - North Carolina, USA

Hello, my name is Dharmesh Dodia. I am calling from UK, London. I am taking Ayurstate since the last six months. I had taken Ayurstate before as well, for six months and my conditions have improved, I would say more than 50 percent. I have enlarged prostate that was diagnosed by my doctor (GP) in London. They gave me medications which did not help me. After I've stopped on the medications, the symptoms came back but since I took the Ayurstate, the symptoms have significantly improved and I feel much better. I dont have pain while urinating. In the night, I am used to waking up nearly 4-5 times, I have been able to go once or twice in the night and I did not have any pain at the moment. I have placed another order as well because I would like to continue the Ayurstate for my better health and for my prostate health as well. I just want to thank Ayurstate for being such a wonderful medicine and that is what I would like to thank. Thanks. Bye.

Dharmesh Dodia - London, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Emilio P. The product I have purchased for my prostate problems is Ayurstate. I have been taking it for about 6 months now. I took it because I have prostate problems: urinary problems, inflammation and enlargement. I have already tried others products, antibiotics and pills. I have done 2 biopsies and they were both negative.

The postive effects is that I dont have to get up all night anymore and neither do I feel any inflammation discomfort like I used to. There is no urgency to go the bathroom at all, be it day or night. I feel so much better now, I feel lighter and so are my legs too. Also, I no longer feel the pain I used to feel on my lower back.

I have placed another order to maintain the improvements, which is something new and really amazing. I will definitely recommend this product, because it will certainly satisfy you. I don't have anything else to say. Thank you.

Emilio Paganetto - Italy

Hello, my name is Cutty. My testimonial is...and I just want to let people know I've been taking Ayurstate now for..almost a year. The original problems I have was very in large prostate, and I woke up alot of time during the night to go to the toilet..i got six time. Gradually I was... I have been taking Ayurstate, the frequency of urinating during the night has reduced considerably. My problem is also being diagnose for prostate cancer. So..you know, I think that has been general improvement anyway, in coming for my prostate.

I have done a PSA, sometime ago, which show an elevation of the previous one. But due to do another one soon, I hope that it going to show some improvement, because I can feel that Ayurstate is working for me. And I think month by month is getting better. On my next testimonial, I'll update you on my PSA level, and I am sure it will be coming down. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

Cutty (age 59) - Richmond, UK

Hello. My name is Larry and I've been trying Ayurstate for about 60 days now. When I first started taking the supplement, I was already taking Saw Palmetto and Lycopene and some of the other products. So I decided to give this product a try. And like I said before, after about 30 days, I began to experience a feeling that in the morning times when I go to the bathroom I have a very good flow. And after 60 days, I began to notice that the slight pain I used to have in my pelvis region was all gone. I stopped using the other medicines because the pain always was there! And my flow in the morning times was not as great. I've been using the product now as of 60 days now and I can tell a vast improvement and I will continue to use it because I also experienced a higher energy level through the day I noticed and this is the only supplement I am taking at this time. So I am very happy about this product! Thank you.

Larry (age 48) - Tennessee, USA